...It’s iPinsCover™, world. And it’s here!

So far from being just a new way to protect your iPhone, iPinsCover™ it’s more likely to be a piece of art, making you fall in love as, that’s true, it put a spell on us. Already at first sight, you’re about to dive in a cover experience mixing and matching visual and daydreaming, unique style and hi-tech… with even much more colour that you could expect.

In our vision, pins are not a mere gadget, or something good only for collectors, but a contemporary, original way to speak out. For their own basic structure are what of most eclectic you can find to throw your message, and perfect to get clothes or accessories customized. Is there anything that a 1” tin plated circle could not be suitable for?

Along more than an year of technological research, and the months following, in which we worked to improve iPinsCover™, we develop a never-seen concept of semi-rigid shelter, tough and ergonomic, with a trusted and comfortable grip and a tailor-made fitting. Specifically designed to safeguard iPhone, its perfectly wraps up its lines, making your mobile resistant to any hit, without even remotely affect any of its functions.

iPinsCover™, yet, is much more than just a case: all around the globe it simply impossible to find out something similar and, if you stumble upon in a look-like stuff well, be warned that you’re facing a fake, a gizmo that maybe would be iPinsCoverTM but just could not.

Yeah, because the iPins® branded cover has on his backside a crown-cap circular slots patented system, fitted to greet a number of tin plated pins. Is that, the outstanding innovation that lies behind what seems a simple case, and turns accessory to necessary, and into an authentic must have. Once you’d find out the pop side of iPinsCover™, nothing will never be as before.